Boracay House Rentals

Boracay Rooms For Rent! (May 2013)


Boracay House rentals – beachfront accommodation in Boracay, Philippines


There is a place in Boracay that represents quiet and serenity but is within walking distance of everything that is fun and vibrant in the island. You can find it on the southern end of White Beach, relatively secluded and the very picture of a luxurious beach holiday… And this is where we are. – Boracay Houses.

Our Boracay Houses face the Sibuyan Sea, turquoise and dazzling by day and brilliantly lit by spectacular sunsets come nightfall. During clear days (which is often the case), you will see in fine detail the neighboring island of Panay and, farther away, Caluya Island.

But the views closer to home are as spectacular and maybe even lovelier. Step out into the beach garden where coconut trees gently sway in the breeze; garden tables and lounge chairs invite you for a refreshing snack of mangoes or another tropical fruit; then let your feet taste the unbelievable softness of the white sands, as fine as powder and amazingly cool to touch. As you face the sea, the view to your right would be of sandy whiteness stretching up to the North while to your left the southernmost part of White Beach. You can easily see the rocks separating the beach from neighboring coves and caves.

When you’ve taken in the view right on your doorstep, it’s time to explore. From Boracay Beach Houses, you can easily and quickly reach all points of interests in the island. You can walk along the beach or through Boracay’s road network. Turn the corner into Angol Road, practically next door, to reach the main road, which runs the length of the island.

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